Set Your Direction or Others Will Set It For You

November 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

Ever drive along a road and find yourself wondering why you are heading in the wrong direction?

Typically this is not the way you go regularly, as you are on autopilot thinking about other things. What if you were doing this in other places in your life, whether you realized it or not?

The Miriam-Webster dictionary has a definition for goal, which states, ‘the end towards which effort is directed’. Given that the majority of people set goals, it stands to reason that you should be setting your own direction, right?

The sad fact of the matter is that if you don’t set your direction, someone else will, be it your boss, a partner, a friend – you get the picture. It’s like you may be the one holding on to the wheel, but hey they’ve punched where you’re going in to the satellite navigation.

Before you know it, you’ve spent the best part of your life in a dead end job, doing what other people wanted you to do, unaware that all along you have had choice in the matter.

Most people go through life thinking about all the things they don’t want or want to avoid, and yet glossing it over in terms that they think are positive. Do you know anyone that wants to give up smoking, to drink less, to eat less, etc.?

These people may have thought they have set a direction, but they haven’t. You can’t drive forwards at speed whilst looking through your rear view mirror.

The more we focus on lacking on something, leaving it behind, giving it up, the more we end up being pulled towards it. You see there is nothing to fill the void, nothing to push you forwards, because you have nothing to aim for!

If you’re ‘trying’ to lose weight you should be focused on what you want to be, and how you would be acting if you were your ideal weight.

If you want to stop smoking, and you spend all your time giving up smoking, focusing on the cigarettes, it’s unlikely to work. Perhaps you go for a patch, but then you substitute one problem for another, but not where you want to be!

What’s the lesson here? Set your own direction and focus on that, and you’re get to where you want to quicker than you thought possible.

So be the driver rather than the chauffeur in your life…

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