Dream Clubs are being revamped and renamed to Groups to be more in line with the way you are used to using them on Facebook.

This will be implemented in the next couple of weeks. This is all part of our roadmap for vision boards, the Dream Timeline itself and other micro-communities around your goals.

We’ve got lots of things happening, and as we know what and when, we’ll update you here and on our Facebook page.

So Dream, Share, Believe and Achieve 🙂

Things are changing here at Dream Timeline, things are getting better, and we’re excited. We’re taking our vision board functionality and allowing you to have multiple online vision boards, so if you want to have different boards for different things, you can.

The release date for this is scheduled by the end of October 2012, but as good as this sounds, it’s better than that! We’ve got a few more twists to this that which is awesome, and there is nothing out there like it…

Which is why I cannot share with you the screen shots, and yet I could not hold back my excitement, I had to share with you all what is happening.

So Halloween 2012 will be more than witches, and goblins, and pumpkins, it heralds yet another first for Dream Timeline…

Emoticons Added to Chat

September 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

We’ve added emoticons to chat and updates on the site as a result of your feedback. We’re also looking to add a Skype like quick pick of emoticons.

So why not have a smiley in your conversation 🙂

Please continue to provide things you’d like to see.

Enhanced Vision Boards

September 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

Development is now firmly under way for expanding our much loved vision boards feature. Over the next two months we will be delivering some exciting new functionality to the vision boards including:

  • Allowing users to create multiple boards
  • Tagging boards for better search
  • Better sharing with Facebook

This is just three of the improvements we’re making to the Vision Board feature, look out for announcements towards the end of October as to firm release dates and features…

…this is going to rock!

Our developers have been working hard at making the Horizontal Timeline view look better, and I’m pleased to say that it will be implemented within the next week.

The view is designed to be more suitable to those who have a natural left-to-right orientation for visualising their timeline.

Some people, including me, have their timeline run through them, with the past behind them and the future in front of them.

Others have their timeline like this left-to-right orientation with the timeline out in front of them.

It’s not the only way people have their timeline, it is common in Japan for their timeline to run vertically through them – something we clearly could not practically do this as part of Dream Timeline.

If you’re not sure, you can change any time between the Horizontal and Vertical orientations.

We hope you like it and it helps you even more in visualising your dreams.

Whoa, it’s been just a few weeks since we launched beta, and we’ve been busy fixing things that were either not working right or simply could be done better. We’re committed to making this the best platform for you to Dream, Share, Believe and Achieve.

Upcoming improvements being relesed shortly include niceties such as bringing across your profile photo from Facebook if you sign up using Facebook and emoticons in your messages (you may know them as smileys).

The Dream Timline Online Vision Board

Once we’ve got through our current list we’re back on to the development roadmap, with further enhancements planned for the Vision Board.

We’ve had great feedback from people who have used it, here’s one I prepared earlier, it took just a few minutes to create this, and that’s the power of this online vision board.

We’re really excited about these upcoming enhancements, and once we know more about when these changes are going to be released we’ll let you know here on our blog.

Though you’ll have to wait for some of the more exciting surprises which we will unveil upon it’s release.

In the mean time enjoy the site, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Beta is Launched…

August 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

So it’s been a long long road… but we’re finally there. The beta site has now been launched, no fan fare music I’m afraid we’re saving the money for the next set of enhancements and improvements we have planned.

So go check it out at DreamTimeline.com and dream your dream and share with the world….