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When two architects had a vision for transforming an abandoned railway line, people thought they were crazy. Yet they inspired others to invest into a project, including the likes of Kevin Bacon.

Their vision has transformed the lives of New York, increased values of property around, and become the 2nd biggest cultural attraction in the city. Their dream and their inspiration is the inspiration of others who seek to replicate what they have achieved.

Whilst I’m not saying that you need to transform an abandoned railway line, you can and should follow your dreams.

Come the end of the week,do you breathe a sigh of relief looking forward to having a break from the grind of the working week, make plans for what you are going to cram in at the weekend, or some mixture of the two?

The 9-5 construct is entirely society driven, and yet many of us now work far more hours to keep on top of a growing pile of to do lists, and to keep even standing still. The idea of work / life balance is also somewhat alien, if you enjoy what you do, and it is part of your life, it will surely be in balance. There has been much written about this including The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.

We urge you to celebrate Friday, fall in love with it, and yet use it wisely to not only reflect on what has been achieved the week before but also to plan for the week ahead. It’s like knowing where you put the house or car keys, makes it easier when leaving the house next, this extra little habit will actually give you more time back than you spend doing it.

For us we’re spending some of today planning for our beta launch, and celebrating how far we have come since we started this journey. Enjoy yourself and celebrate the week that has been, and the week that is about to come – you have the power to make your dreams come true…

We are so used to being able to turn on a light, the TV or our computers. Yet for the last two days India has been crippled by a breakdown in their power network, effecting up to half of the country.

The impact to us is that some of the developers in our team cannot even make into the office, and internet access is slower. All this as we’re pushing towards our beta launch on the 7th August.

Like with all big dreams, there may be some wobbles along the way, if it is truely important to you, you’ll stick with it to make it happen. We’ll be doing everything to make it happen for this date and the new staging environment including scaling has been built in the clouds – kind of appropriate for our big dream.